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Real Estate Bank

Anis Chbat Holding owns an institutional-quality property portfolio comprising investment, development and strategic land holdings.

Throughout the years it has become renowned in the industry on a national level because of its high qualification in providing precise, transparent and quality services.

Anis Chbat Holding owns real estates all over the country. And is committed to providing clients with an excellent range of facilities according to their requests.

The company aims for further development and innovation through extending its scope of work and investment in different sectors like residential housing, commercial, retail, office development markets and lands.


Anis Chbat Holding undertakes all work related to building process.

From knowledge, building trade knowledge and codes, including skeleton work, electric, mechanical work to finishing.

It has a large number of experienced individuals capable of realizing all kinds of projects in different sectors.

The company aims for the satisfaction of its clients at the revealing of the final result. Thus, it gears the latest technologies and materials in its work.

Hotel Real Estate

Anis Chbat Holding invests in that tend to be hotels or resorts in the future lands.

The company buys, invests or rents shares in hotels that are already constructed or under construction.

The investment could be passive where the real estate investor can only expect a sustained investment success. If the rent secured by the hotel lease agreement is and remains customary to market conditions.

Active management of a hotel real estate, this form of investment centers around the operation of the hotel and all the benefits and risks involved.

The management company operates only as a ‘director’ on behalf of the owner of the land.

The company doesn’t only manage but also is the owner of the said estates.


Anis Chbat Holding is undertaking the construction of a whole new resort.

The resort represents a novel concept to the construction world and the first of its kind in Lebanon and the Middle East.

This new idea is made for those seeking an exceptional new lifestyle and a perfect balance between work and family life.

It will have spacious and marvelous green surroundings that embrace an overwhelming and picturesque view.

The architectural touch and design make it an inimitable project to complete the splendor of living in this ideal environment.

Real Estate Services

Dar el Iqar is a real estate services company.

It has diversified investment portfolio including modern, mixed-use, residential and commercial projects.The company customs its profound knowledge in the world of real estate and property management to deliver improved projects in different sectors.

Dar el Iqar provides services such as selling, renting and property management.We handles all matters starting from rent contracts, inspections, legal assistance, maintenance and rent collection.

In addition to that all procedures are backed with a staged and timely reports to avoid errors and offer an exceptional and remarkable service.

The combination of skills experience and commitment to excellence that the company’s specialists have. This will culminate in providing clients with the perfect property solution and will help them find the right properties to suit their exact budget, needs and expectations.

Tech Company

GlobyMall Tech is a technology company that provides a range of digital solutions for businesses. With an investment from Anis Chbat Holding, the company has expanded its offerings to include hosting and data center services, digital agency services, AI, and software.

By providing these services, GlobyMall Tech can help businesses improve their online presence, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Hosting and data center services ensure that businesses can maintain a reliable online presence. While digital agency services help businesses with online marketing and advertising. AI and software services are also becoming increasingly important for businesses seeking to automate and optimize their operations.

GlobyMall Tech’s expertise in these areas makes it a valuable partner for businesses looking to succeed in today’s competitive market. As the company continues to expand and innovate, it is well-positioned to provide businesses with the digital solutions they need to thrive.


We aim to become a leading market development by agile building and promoting creativity along with the industries greatest etiquette.

Our objective is to consistently achieve high risk-based rewards along with sustainable value-added growth for our investors and to acquire, cultivate and preserve the best investment experts in the region in different sectors.

The main goal is to become a partner of choice for companies with high growth potential across Lebanon with a mission to maximize the value of their investments by extending the horizon of their opportunities, injecting capital to drive growth and ensure sustainable cash flow.


Pro Consultancy is a management and financial Lebanese consultancy firm highly qualified in advising strategies and managerial matters.

The scope of work and advisory programs could cover diverse topics. Such as innovation and development, cost reduction strategies implementation of new technologies and financial planning.

The company’s first step is to offer the requested information then provide a solution to the given problem.

After that conduct an accurate diagnosis in order to redefine the issue.

It also gives recommendations and assists in their implementation.